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Lista de los LHN

Para quienes amamos estos disenyos, les traigo la lista de los que hay hasta el momento, ,lo saquè de su pàgina oficial, espero sepan los que tienen, los que le faltan o los que deseen tener.
Besos y sigo con el bordado.
Questa è la lista di tutti disegni della LHN. Spero li sia gradito, potete vedere quelli che avete, quelli che mancano o quelli che volete avere
BAcione a tutti e conitnuo nel mio ricamo.

Americana*Country Designs

•Starlight Sampler
•Willow Tree Inn
•Home of a Needleworker
•The Gathering Room
•Pinetop Lodge
•Needlework School
•A Stitcher's Prayer
•Two Red Houses
•Moon and Stars
•City Stitcher*Country Stitcher
•Plant Your Seeds
•Blackbird Inn
•Fruit Bowls
•The Harvesters
•Colonial Dry Goods
•The Bookshelf
•Quilt Time Sampler
•Plant Kindness
•Peace and Plenty
•Liberty Hill Inn
•Lakeside Lodge
•The Old Doll
•Through the Woods
•Coffee Menu
•Friendship Tree
•Colonial Homes
•The Counting House
•Pear Tree Inn
•Ye Olde Coffee House
•Two Blue Houses
•Winter Wonderland
•Chocolate Shoppe
•The Old West
•Psalm 145
•Thread Gathering
•Nature's Beauty
•The Sampler Lady
•Cherry Tree Inn
•Gourmet Garden
•Necessities Sampler
•Garden Pleasures
•Captain's Inn
•Fruit Game Boards
•Two White Houses
•Acorn Hill
•Curly Q Ewe
•Princess and the P
•Prairie Sampler
•Winter Whites
•Brave Hearts
•Home of a Needleworker (too!)
•Heart of America
•My Needle's Work
•The Rain Fell
•Embroidery Guild
•Little House Neighborhood
•Gingerbread Trio
Americana*Country Designs
(continued from first column)

•Something Old, Something New
•In the Beginning
•Coming to America
•Traveling Stitcher
•State Fair
•Sunflower Inn
•Alphabet Rhyme
•Colonial Women
•Two Roosters
•Mayflower Landing
•Lavender's Blue
•Pumpkins 4-Sale
•The Library
•Poinsettia House
•Saling, Sailing
•Rose Hill Plantation
•Battle Hymn of the Republic
•Mississippi Riverboat
•Robin Hood
•Virtue Sampler
•Mrs. O'Leary's Dairy Farm
•Simple Joys
•Sarah Street - Faithful

A Piece of Cake!

•Lavender Hill (Cottage)
•ABC123 (Americana*Country)
•Paper Whites (Cottage)
•Woodland Sampling (Americana*Country)
•Herb Garden (Cottage)
•Spot of Coffee (Americana*Country)
•Daisy Lane Cottage (Cottage)
•Rose Sampler (Cottage)
•Dog House Sampler
•Kitty Cottage Sampler
•Season of Rest
•Season of Hope
•Season of Growth
•Season of Plenty
•Ladybug, Ladybug
•Schoolgirl Lessons
•Always and Forever
•Wool Needlebook and Scissor Fob
•Autumn Harvest
•The Angels Sang
•Be True
•Bee Sampler
•Love One Another
•A Walk in the Park
•Singing the Blues
•Liberty Belles
•Tall Pines
Dear Diary

•Abigail Winslow
•Mary Heaton
•Elizabeth McGuire
•Hannah Purington
•Lucy Fairchild
•Rebecca Small
•Emmaline Whitcomb
•Julia Flynn
Simple Sampler

•Acorns & Pines
•Blossoms & Blackbirds
•Music & Books
•Stars & Stripes
•Night & Day
•Holly & Berries
All Dolled Up!

•Strawberry House
•Queen Bee
•Chocolate Box
•Hen Party
•Heart and Home Sampler
•Liberty and Justice
•Fresh Watermelon
•Winter Greens

Country Cottage Designs

•A Rose in Morning
•Peach Tree Cottage
•M'Lady's Strawberries
•Morning Berries

•Folk Art Pears
•Folk Art Strawberries
•American Saltbox
•Cherry Pie
•Folk Art Crow
•Sheep Gathering
•Garden Rabbit
Ornament of the Month

•Pear Tree
•He's A Flake
•Snowy Pines
•Winter Sheep
•Red House in Winter
•The Merry Skater
•Frosty Flakes
•Peppermint Twist


•For the Love of Cross Stitch Magazine (FTLOCS), July 1999 - Joy in the Journey.
•FTLOCS - Sept. 2000, Picturesque Fruits.
•FTLOCS - Nov. 2000, Grateful Heart Sampler.
•FTLOCS - July 2001, Harvest Hand Towels.
•FTLOCS - March 2002, Marks of Praise.
•FTLOCS - July 2002, The Christmas Story, Part 1 and Sept. 2002, The Christmas Story, Part 2.
•Leisure Arts hard bound book, Tokens of Affection. Features: My Brother and My Sister.
•Just Cross Stitch Magazine - June 2004, Featuring Ye Olde Coffee House and an article about our needlework business. This pattern is now available from us since it sold out at th publisher.
•2004 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue - Featuring Woodland Snowfall.
•2005 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue - Featuring Home for the Holidays.
•2006 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue - Featuring Pear Tree.
•Sept/Oct 2006 JCS Issue: Pine Tree Hill ornament.
•2007 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue - Featuring Snow Bunnies.
•Just Cross Stitch Magazine, Jan/Feb 2008 Issue: Winter Symphony
•2008 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue - Featuring Glory to God
•August 2009, The Gift of Stitching Online Publication - Starr of Mine
•2009 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue - Featuring Winter Sampler
•March/April 2010 JCS Issue: He Is Risen
•2010 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Preview Issue - Featuring Gingerbread Tree

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